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Nunchaku Suppliers UK

The shipping and VAT on consignments into the UK has to be considered when choosing from abroad. Any one item including shipping costs that comes to more than 18, will incur VAT and will then have an added with an added onward delivery charge or pick up from some distant sorting hub, if you do not pay in 20 days, they send it back. This has to be considered so as not to be disappointed. Within the UK you can get smaller items sent from around 5-10 and larger consignments for free.

NEO Speedcord custom Custom nunchaku case Nunchaku Cases

Go to the SPEEDCORD page. This are our NEO Speedcord 12inch with bearings for speed and as standard a 5inch 7mm cord connection. An added option of the bistick paracord connection which can be adjusted from about a 3inch to 7inch connection.

Custom UK built Hakaku-Kei and Maru Gata nunchaku page. We have a Purple heart wood Maru Gata and a white Oak Hakaku-Kei Nunchaku. Fitted with Brass and steel. Designed to be strong for blocking and striking.

Custom SpeedcordCustom SpeedcordSPEEDCORD Nunchaku above and to the right Junior Maru-gata Nunchaku. Custom SpeedcordCustom Speedcord Custom Speedcord Custom Speedcord Custom Speedcord

Nunchaku suppliers

Ultraflexx Full contact nunchakuFull Contact Sparring Foam Nunchaku

These two,

The Ultraflexx Nunchaku and thick Foam Nunchaku are Full contact sparring and combat Nunchaku. I regularly use the Black thick foam ones and would recommend them, the large shafts take time to get used to, but they can help you not to grip too early which can prevent thumbs and fingers being stubbed, can improove grip time as they have attendency to bounce out of your hand in the beginning.

You can purchase these from Playwell in Perivale North London. Check out their website and come back soon.

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