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NEO has several grades that can be achieved.

The Primary ones are based around the four cornerstones or primary catches that give you a springboard into the exploration of Nunchaku.

Skill levels have to be high and sustained to attain grades.

Our belt or tag colors are white, grey, green, blue, purple, red, brown and black.

The first grade or LFC Low front catch symbol grade consists of the display and understanding of all the techniques taught. Followed by the drill repeat exercise LF8 x50 and a LF8 expend x50.

The basic blocking Kata or Kihon block kata and the Fumio Demura Kihon kata. 

This kihon Kata can help to alleviate boredom whilst repeating certain techniques with movement, the Kihon blocking Kata has 17 blocks repeated. Like the main Kata this one also uses movement, there are two types of turns, front Dual Blocks and side blocks.

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Nunchaku cases with grade symbol belt tags

LFC Grade and grading

Once the Four primary catches have been achieved to the required standard, you should be well skilled, fluid and versatile.

The remaining grades will cover working more with movement and techniques combined, reversed hand grip techniques, other advanced techniques, two step sparring and half kumite. Theory to complement the above with a view to teaching.

Throughout training other techniques, exercises, and aids to training will be imparted and used to support the student. 

Further study and presentation of other styles and techniques integrated into the lesson plan will help the student to expand their comprehension and understanding of Nunchaku as well as expanding on a database of techniques.

Stay Fluid

"Keep an open mind to the possibilities of the yet unknown.......

feed imagination, be creative, continue to learn"

Nunchaku symbols gallery

Nunchaku cases with grade symbol belt tags

These are our grade belt tags laid out on our Club Nunchaku cases the tags are gained through grading, some are double grade tags. The nunchaku cases will be available through the club and online via our zencart shopping site for all things NEO Nunchaku, Speedcord NEO, NEON and ECO nunchaku, Custom hand built Nunchaku and Hand made Speedcord nunchaku cases, Made using The finest Japanese cotton and silk.

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