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Bruce Lee Inspiration

As previously stated on the Nunchaku book page

My inspiration for taking up and continuing to study and train with Nunchaku has been primarily threefold; My brother and his initial input, the teachings of Master Fumio Demura and the Nunchaku in motion as shown by Master Bruce Lee in his films.

Subsequent input has certainly come, from Arakawa Busen and training under Bob McCormack Shihan, but up until then, only recently has more Nunchaku in motion been available for study.

So for me, for a very long time, his Nunchaku in motion was all there was.

These were the first and have transpired to be for me the most meaningful and this still holds true.

However, I understand that Master Bruce Lee may have had more than one instructor or advisor in the use of this weapon.

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So who inspired Master Bruce Lee?

Who are these instructors?

How much influence did they have?

What were their Nunchaku roots?

What were the times and dates of their meetings and where did these take place? Would you see their influence, or was it completely altered or changed by Master Lee?

I would like to study their teachings and see their Nunchaku in motion, if such material is available. So...How? What? Where? and When?

Bruce Lee Nunchaku

Can you help send your answers or info

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November 2006: An update to this, in recent research, has put forward at least one candidate as showing Master Bruce Lee Nunchaku techniques and suggested or inspired the Nunchaku sets used in one or more of his films.

The legendary karate master Hidehiko "Hidy" Ochiai. It is said that Master Dan Inosanto first introduced Master Bruce Lee to nunchaku for on one of his films.

I shall do some more research to see what techniques can be found through this Master. Apparently he has written several books on the Martial Arts and the philosophy behind it.

So that is one answered!