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The Exercises

This is an exercise based on Part of a Sequence performed by Master Bruce Lee from Enter the Dragon. Can you answer these questions on Master Bruce Lee and his nunchaku teachers.

This sequence has techniques that are all taught as part of the NEO 1st Grade or Low Front Catch Novice Grade. The quality is quite low due to using images to create motion.

More NEO Info

Using Wooden Nunchaku can be dangerous to you and others.

It is strongly advised that you

should not use the real weapons

until you have

mastered the techniques

by first using the now

readily available safety training types.

These are so much more forgiving and come in different weights and sizes.

Serious injuries will result from lack of respect for the potential of this weapon, misuse and careless use.

This also extends to poor maintenance of the different types or misuse during training, that leads to a breakdown in the nunchaku. At all times give this or any weapon the respect that it demands.

NEO Can not be held responsible for injury through misinterpretation, careless use or misapplication of techniques.

NEO does not recommend training with Wooden Nunchaku whilst learning techniques. Seek instruction and proceed with caution. Seek medical advice prior to taking up any new exercise or physical activity.

12way technique and Grade Diagram

Our 12 way technique and grade diagram.

Nunchaku Exercises

This is but a part of at least 20 odd moves used in the sequence. This sequence is taught in a modified form building to the full set as the student progresses in skill

During the film sequence, one chain of moves is repeated and during the break whilst the opponent watches, there are at least two moves that have to be guessed at to return to the next part of the set, which consists of 12 moves performed in about 5 seconds. So adding these missing moves and interpreting some using the NEO system the count is 27 techniques in a chain plus the starting ready position but including the end Armpit Catch position.

The clip below shows 7 techniques in a chain, it consists of the following 5 techniques. The low front catch, low front return,  low front 8, swing down expend modified with a downward circle and an armpit catch.

An example exercise could be written down like so, if to be repeated:


Everything inside the bracket is repeated x20 with a starting position in front of the brackets and a finish position with closing technique.

Using a method allows one to start to see the moves within a context, using the exercise sentences as a prompt for ones memory. Also they can be used as a record of techniques that you have strung together. When I first began, or soon after I became aware that I could not remember all the different chains of techniques, and sometimes could not discern the differences in what I was doing yet I knew there were differences. So the NEO language was born. Once the basics are understood the sentences are readable and can be understood, the above example is in a format for repetition, or exercising. Others will be more like Kata in that they have more techniques, but will not be repeated as in the exercises, and will need notes on movement to be added. The notes for movement are not fully established yet, where to put them? so as to not break the flow of the written techniques may mean that they have to be placed below the line. However if I can define an accurate symbol for any given form of movement then they may well fit in and be added using a + symbol to a technique:

Turn Right and Swing down Expend and a circle to a low front catch may end up as


for example.

So I need terms for LOOK %, TURN@, RIGHT>, LEFT<, STEP^, FORWARD/, BACKWARD \. For another example.

%> - @> -^/ + SDX-UC+LFC ^\-SFCpz

This reads look right, turn right, step forward and swing down expend, upward circle to Low front catch, step backwards and then adopt the simple front catch position.

Bruce Lee Based Kata

Below is the Clip based on some techniques used By Bruce Lee.