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NEO has been established to teach a free style form of Nunchaku in an exercise format.

We are looking to teach a wide spectrum of techniques in a holistic way building up groups of integrated techniques to keep the learning process direct and fulfilling.

We ultimately want to create within our students a balanced and powerful yet detached and easy execution of techniques in a natural way.

We have a complete syllabus that we wish to teach along with some varied and novel teaching methods to aid the learning process.


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Venue Rules

During covid we have started online lessons through our facebook page here NEO Nunchaku and the nunchaku lessons group is here NEO ZOOM Lessons group this is a cheaper alternative by far to private lessons so check them out and join in soon.

If you are interested you can book a free trial lesson or book our 4 week lesson plan. To do this go here to our FaceBook groups page here. There is a Saturday lesson at 2pm for an hour and 15 minutes that can be joined, or choose a time slot for a free lesson. You can join the group and make contact a post questions there if you wish.

Where you will train is a neighborhood facility and it is necessary to consider the needs of people living in the area. To this end, excessive noise and antisocial behavior must be avoided at all times. When coming to our lessons will all students please arrive and depart quietly respecting the rights of our neighbours. The wider community shares the area where you will train, so, would you please leave things as you find them. The following rules ensure that the student knows how to behave and what is expected, when it comes to behavior. We are not just teaching individuals, but a group, and as such, we need the group to gel together and respect one another. Therefore, to this end the following RULES apply:

Club Rules

The club uniform should be worn to all lessons, eye, breast and groin and head protectors should be worn for safety; these can be supplied on request, however, their use is not compulsory.

Any misuse of the training or of the Nunchaku inside or outside of the club will result in suspension or termination of your membership.

All students are to pay all members the respect they are due as human beings, they are not to interfere with, annoy or intimidate any other student.

Racism and sexism will not be tolerated either.

Showing off is unacceptable and can breed contempt.

At all times students are to conduct themselves in the manner in which they would wish to be treated.

Behaviour that works against the group or in a distracting way will not be tolerated.

Arrive promptly for lessons.

Pay all fees promptly.

Respect your club premises and fellow students.

During lessons, it is important that you do not wear chains, watches, rings etc.

Above all, respect the Nunchaku for what they are and can be.

Even the foam training Nunchaku, soft, as they are, need to be used with care and respect. The respect given will make it possible for all to study safely. Infringement of these rules will result in suspension of membership on a temporary or permanent basis.