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Welcome to NEO Speedcord custom UK built Purple Heart Maru Gata and Hakaku Kei Nunchaku Page

Our custom built Nunchaku.

WE have a few designs, mainly to give a variation in price. We design these with strenght in mind using an updated version of a tried and tested type. Strength is imparted to the connection end mainly to support the connection during training and combat training where blocking is used. These can break if contact is made in that area. The rings of brass should prevent the ends from splitting. This can be added to the bottom ends as well to serve as a hard strikikng surface as well as offering protection to the wooden ends. This is finished of with a brass plate and screw. The top rings can be engraved if 25mm, we provide the ability to have one 25mm ring engraved with a club logo or your name. The other will have our logo engraved on it. You can have flat rings or with ribs. We do tapered round and will do octagonal, sanded and oiled or varnished. You can have thiese sent without attachment if you wish to get the chain sorted out in your locale. We can offer varying chain lengths, these are connected with marine steel eyes by welding so no adjustment can be readily made. We have as an alternative copper rings. We have heavier sets using 25mm at both ends, and lighter more manageable sets in round or tapering octagonal, with flat rings.

Go to the SPEEDCORD page. This are our NEO Speedcord 12inch with bearings for speed and as standard a 5inch 7mm cord connection. An added option of the bistick paracord connection which can be adjusted from about a 3inch to 7inch connection.

Custom UK built Hakaku-Kei and Maru Gata nunchaku. We have a Purple heart wood Maru Gata and a white Oak Hakaku-Kei Nunchaku. Fitted with Brass and steel. Designed to be strong for blocking and striking.

Custom SpeedcordCustom SpeedcordSPEEDCORD Nunchaku above and to the right Junior Maru-gata Nunchaku.

These Purple Heart NEO SpeedCord Maru Gata, Traditional training type, see the slide show below, these will soon be for sale, I need to get my engraved metal work delivered and get some more Puple Heart and some White Oak and these will be for sale, at present I Just have the two, one sanded and oiled, the other laquered. If you wish to purchase one you can but It would mean a wait to get them finished and I am waiting on some engraving. if you need engraving this may take a bit longer to organise, so please be patient. The choice is yours. You can get the lower ring engraved as long as the logo or name is no longer than 80mm and 18mm high. You can contact me to discuss your engraving requirements. The other choice is to have these sent unlinked for you to have the chain of your choice and length and get it welded where you live, a good source for your chain would be to use one from an old pair of yours Get it cut and welded...Job Done! This will mean just sending you two shafts. These could be sent separatly as very ornate looking lavatory/Loo/Toilet flush, or Bell pull, curtain pull, which ever you think is appropriate given your local situation, sent in plain packaging. If you wish to secure these by buying now do so and we can arrange your requirements by email or phone see the contacts page. These have been built with protection to the connection end by way of brass fittings and to the lower end to increase impact force and to protect against the ends chipping or splitting, finished with brass plate,cup and screw for security of fixing. The connection is with Marine steel eye and double steel chains, these self shine with use to a bright silver. The price for these will range from £25-£50.

The custom Nunchaku and our Vintage Japanese nunchaku cases will soon be listed for sale on the zencart for our Neo Eco and Neon Speedcord nunchaku.

Purple Heart NEO SpeedCord Maru Gata, Traditional training type.