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The Student

During covid we have started online lessons through our facebook page here NEO Nunchaku and the nunchaku lessons group is here NEO ZOOM Lessons group this is a cheaper alternative by far to private lessons so check them out and join in soon.

If you are interested you can book a free trial lesson or book our 4 week lesson plan. To do this go here to our FaceBook groups page here. There is a Saturday lesson at 2pm for an hour and 15 minutes that can be joined, or choose a time slot for a free lesson. You can join the group and make contact a post questions there if you wish.

NEO has been established to teach a free style form of Nunchaku integrating techniques in long or short chain exercises for the purposes of learning Nunchaku techniques fluidly and confidently. We cover traditional locks and blocks as well as swings and strikes.

We are looking to teach a wide spectrum of techniques, so some method was required for learning nunchaku.

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A note to the student

Mu nothingness Some of this is essentially theory, like the subjects of striking or transition points. I suppose most teachers and students given time would find the the need to break down the art of Nunchaku beyond the techniques themselves, into the components that make up these techniques. So to this end NEO has formulated and classified its language for the techniques using representative terms and has highlighted key sub areas: those of straight line swings, circular swings, swing expends, circles, returns, stop returns, catches and transition points. Other areas include grips, changing grips, rocking in between, striking, target practice, self observation, left and right hands.


Zen Goodness Proceeding in this way has lead to the formulation and categorization of exercises for these areas covering novice and basic fundamentals through to expert. From this, also comes some general rules: by formalizing the language using representative terms for techniques, patterns start to emerge and rules are revealed, these are general with the odd exception. So a system for graded learning for the teacher and student has been developed, integrating techniques using an exercise or long chain exercise format for the left and right hands or both combined. Backing this up with the theory as the system starts to be absorbed by the student. Initially, the key to learning as a student with NEO is to learn the language of the techniques as you learn the techniques. This will build the ability to retain the subsequent theory that will follow.

Ultimately leading to the student understanding that the exercise system is but a tool to help the learning process, that, which the student undertakes themselves,

let the challenge begin.....

NEO nunchaku in motion video