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UK Nunchaku Combat Suppliers

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The equipment needed for Nunchaku combat can vary and be personalized for your requirements. Lighter forms of padding used with light soft nunchaku and more impact resistant if you are using the dense foam type.

Headguard with Face Grille Full Contact Escrima Helmet Full Contact Escrima Gloves Full Contact Sparring Foam Nunchaku

For light wood or bamboo Nunchaku combat more protection is required and the kali stick combat range seems to fit these requirements. The main requirements would be: Head guards that protect the head rear sides and top protection ears, eyes and throat.

Body guards that can protect the ribs, shoulders and kidney, spine and groin. Hand and arm guards that can protect the fingers, knuckles, wrist and forearms. Groin guard. shin, knee and elbow guards.

UK Nunchaku combat Suppliers

You will not require all of these for low impact work but you will need full protection if you are training with light versions of the real thing. Some equipment will cover more than one part of the body, like some of the head protection you can buy protects the whole head and throat. Blitz SportBlitz Sport For ease of movement someBlitz SportBlitz Sport combinations may work better than others. I will be offering some alternative suggestions based on price location and requirements. Some of which you may be able to purchase through our club at a discount.

The shipping and VAT on consignments into the UK has to be considered when choosing from abroad. Blitz SportBlitz Sport Any one item including shipping costs that comes to more than 18, will incur VAT and will then have an added Parcelforce admin charge of 8, so that is about 11 to add on, in total 29, if you do not pay in 20 days, they send it back. Blitz SportBlitz Sport A USA item that costs as little as $27 including shipping will incur this 11 additional charge. So for UK purchases from the USA in the present climate this has to be considered soBlitz SportBlitz Sport as not to be disappointed.

Within the UK you can get smaller items sent from around 5-10 and larger consignments for free.