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Who We Are

Based in Kingston NEO was set up 5 years ago to teach a freestyle form of Nunchaku. We are at present insured and affiliated to the EBA the Elite Budo Association. With one qualified Blackbelt Instuctor: J Albury.

NEO club members can use this page for extra exercises and katas, to assist in learning whilst at home or away, go here.

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NEO nunchaku in motion logo.NEO nunchaku training video.

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Nunchaku an aid to training-Preface

I would like to acknowledge the input of various persons whether by default or not. Whether this contact was indirect, or from those that I have had the pleasure of direct contact with, my gratitude is real. My Nunchaku Journey has been a long one; the task is still not complete, even after nearly 20 years of study.

With thanks to my brother for my initial interest in the Nunchaku, who gave me my first pair along with a book for beginners. Without this my training & study of the Nunchaku would not have begun. I would like to humbly thank Fumio Demura for his indirect but meaningful help in the form of two books, for beginners & advanced, the only ones that I have read, the source & inspiration for my study of Nunchaku. I would like to think that he would see merit in this book and its novel approach based on my experiences, mistakes and thoughts and above all, I hope wisdom.

My interest in developing a freestyle form of Nunchaku has been greatly stimulated by Bruce Lee and his work on Jun Fan Jeet kune do and his use of Nunchaku in his films; his WAY will always be inspirational.

All of this set me on a quest to perfect a free style Nunchaku way.

With thanks to John Conway for his support in the drawing together of this work through, practice and discussion. I have found our styles complementary, inspiring and re-energizing; John has sought pastures green elsewhere, farewell.

Thanks must also go to Niell Shiell, Artist and pioneer, a life long friend for his support in this endeavour and to all who have supported us with words of encouragement and criticism, good or bad. It has all been helpful.

Thank you one and all.

John Albury

NEO-Nunchaku Exercise Organisation

We have plenty of space for new students so please come and check us out. Improve your skills by learning with others.

Learning takes place in a semi formal yet fun environment. It is wise to have someone to share the experience with and this will aid the learning process especially when studying the combative applications.


Classes are held at St Johns Parish Hall Grove Lane, Kingston, KT1 2SU this is the small hall and not St Johns Church.Below is a link to the venue address and location with map and contact form. 

Train in the use of this traditional Eastern weapon the Nunchakus.Study and exercise nunchakus techniques, nunchakus training, instruction and tuition in combat Nunchaku-do and Kata. Classes are held on Sundays 6.30pm to 8.30pm. Mostly the first and second Sunday of every month, you can check the next class on the diary page here. Please contact us before coming to our classes.

You can can find us or contact us here.