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NEO Kata

I work with kata with an open mind and often try to picture the opponent or opponents so as to gain a greater understanding for them.

l am using a standard form of footwork for some and a less orthodox style for others.

The rigid constraints of a set pattern of movement should give you a small but concise island of reference, to work form and explore the usage of Nunchaku.

To the novice an awareness of the use of techniques within a context or narrative of movement and in response to a set pattern of attack using defense and counter attack.

They are narrow and specialised, giving you in a small window, the glimpse of a mountain of possibilities for variation in a given combat situation.

So NEO has Developed a Kihon or basic blocking Kata among others, but I still wish to generate a few basic or kihon katas for each grade based on certain techniques that need highlighting.

These kihon Kata can help to alleviate boredom whilst repeating certain techniques with movement, the Kihon blocking Kata has 17 blocks repeated.

Kata is not the be all and end all, but can be used to judge how one is taking on the body of knowledge, how each technique is performed must be salient.

If Kata are learnt with the right type of mindset and as a supplement to your other training, using focus for the techniques and imagination and thought, your Kata studies will stay balanced within the context of the whole.

There is, an essence distilled within kata that can when expressed well, give you an insight into ways of learning and expressing that understanding of knowledge.

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NEO-Nunchaku Katas

I have developed two kihon Nunchaku combat blocking Kata based on the principles of the two gates in Nunchaku combat similar to the Wing Chun Inner and outer gates.

A purely defensive one and one that brings you up close for strike combinations using the stick ends like fists or for locks and chokes.

I have borrowed a Kihon or basic Kata from Fumio Demura Shihan. Taught to me in Manchester when he was over doing a Kobudo Seminar. This kata which runs to three points of the compass and has some interesting combinations.

For our 1st Kata I have pieced together a pattern used by Master Bruce Lee in "Enter the Dragon", this needed some thought, but using what was there already helped, adding two moves to be able to join the two sections. Adding missing moves and interpreting some using the NEO system the count is 27 techniques.

Kata 2 is complete except for a lock/choke hold that needs some thought. with attacks with the nunchaku end to strike like a fist.

Kata 3 is a double asymmetric Kata with half of the pattern on the left side and half on the right. Has more close in strikes using the nunchaku end to strike like a hammer fist.

Kata 4 is complete and will focus on some reversed grip techniques and reversed grip blocks.

Kata 5 is in its infancy but near completion, It needs some thought and meditation, as this is how it seems my katas have been developing, ideas condensing from out of the fog of exercising and training and studying with the techniques themselves.

The katas I am developing have long reach strikes as well as close in techniques, I seem to be incorporating these naturally, so Kata 4 and 5 will no doubt incorporate this as well.

Bruce Lee based Kata

My interest in developing a freestyle form of Nunchaku has been greatly stimulated by Bruce Lee and his work on Jun Fan Jeet kune do and his use of Nunchaku in his films; his WAY will always be inspirational. Further inspiration has come from Fumio Demura shihan and Bob McCormack Shihan and recently Arakawa Busen Shihan.

All of this set me on a quest to perfect a free style Nunchaku way and more recently in the pursuit of combat experience.

NEO nunchaku grade symbols gallery

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