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Traditional Nunchaku Types

I own a set of each of the more unusual traditional nunchaku types and study the SAN-SETSU-KON, 3 section mixed length type, and for some time the SO-SETSU-KON, the 2 section whole and half stick type. The range for each weapon is approximate due to connection lengths. I chose the lengths for the 2 different 3 section Nunchaku and the 4 section Nunchaku and have used a 4-5 inch connection from long stick to short and a 2-3 inch connection for the short stick to short. traditional nunchaku types carousel It maybe that both of the different San-setsu-kon need 2-3 inch connections between all sticks.

The standard length of the Nunchaku is gained by measuring from the centre of the palm to the end of the elbow, when held in reverse grip at the end. The shaft should cover the forearm all the way to the elbow, the link length seems to be a more personal affair although this makes a great difference to the execution of techniques. Some say traditionally that you should measure this connection over the back of your hand sticks vertical to floor or that it should be done over your wrist sticks vertical to floor. I use the over back of hand method  for re-cording Nunchaku and the seven link chain length for factory made which measure around 5 inches. However some compromises may have to be made with the standard type as what ever the measurements are the nunchaku should not touch the ground when held in the long grip and turned though a circle at the side of the body with your arm extended. As I am quite short I use 14 inch Nunchaku for the protection of the arm during blocking, with a short enough cord at around 5 inches but still allows locks etc. I also hold the Nunchaku 1-2 inches from the end so as not to strike the ground, this allows for strikes and punches using the exposed end.

The ultimate range will be determined by arm length added to the Nunchaku length minus the amount taken by your grip, so my reach with 14 inch Nunchaku is around 4 foot from my chest. Compared to the long San-setsu-kon that gives me a total reach of around 5 foot 4 inches from my chest.

This page has some more info on nunchaku and connection lengths.

a set of Han-Kei nunchaku, showing their compact nature, two pieces that fit together HAN-KEI

Halved or split shaft that fits neatly together and would have been more easily concealed.

They are a standard range

This is around 2 Foot 8 inches in length. The ultimate range is between 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 feet.

a round set of Maru-Gata nunchaku used for trainingMARU-GATA

Round twin shafted, these are used mainly for training.

These are a standard range.

Around 2 Foot 8 inches in length.

The ultimate range is between 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 feet.

an octagonal pair of Hakaku_Kei nunchaku designed for combatHAKAKU-KEI

Octagonal twin shafted.

These are effective in combat. Having a edges that will increase the force on impact

Standard range.

Around 2 Foot 8 inches in length. The ultimate range is between 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 feet.

a set of San-SetSu-Kon nunchaku comprising of three equal length shafts SAN-SETSU-KON

All three shafts are the same length, making it like a mini three section staff.

Longest range.

Over 5 foot in length.

The ultimate range is between 5 and 6 feet.

Yon-SetSu-Kon nunchaku, four shafts, two standard lengths with two halfsYON-SETSU-KON

Four shafts consisting of two whole shafts and two half shafts. It is versatile in looping limbs and weapons.

Long range.

The range is around 3 foot in length. The ultimate range is between 4 and 5 feet.

So-SetSu-Kon nunchaku, two shafts, one is the standard length the other a half lengthSO-SETSU-KON

One whole shaft and one half shaft.

Designed to prevent the striking of your own hand.

Shorter range than the standard, the shortest range of all.

Around 2 foot in length. The ultimate range is between 3 and 4 feet.

San-SetSu-Kon nunchaku,three shafts, one standard length the other two are half lengthsSAN-SETSU-KON

Three shafts, one whole shaft and two half shafts.

Interesting switches between reverse hand and forehand grips possible.

Mid range.

Around 2 foot 8 inch in length. The ultimate range is between 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 feet in length.

Custom UK built Hakaku-Kei and Maru Gata nunchaku page. We have a Purple heart wood Maru Gata and a white Oak Hakaku-Kei Nunchaku. Fitted with Brass and steel. Designed to be strong for blocking and striking. Check the slideshow out at the bottom of that page. I may make some of the above to order following some of the designs below, round, octagonal oiled, varnished, copper ends and Brass tops, Brass ends and Brass tops, Marine steel eyes and Double steel chains, Logo can be engraved on lower metal piece. White Oak, Red Oak, Purple Heart woods. Also see our traditionally Japanese Nunchaku cases on Facebook for sale soon on our Zencart shopping site.

These stylish Nunchaku cases are fashioned using traditional Vintage Japanese silks and cottons sourced in Japan. The linings however are not and are sourced in the UK, these will be cotton or maybe linen. Each is embellished with a Japanese good luck charm a brass button with a chrysanthemum motif pressed into it, these date back to the 1940s. Well the first 100 or so will be adorned with the button as I have a limited supply. They come fitted with a small black belt tie and can fit one set of nunchaku from 14 inch and smaller. We will be offering a range of unique cases with each case being individually set with a design that varies a lot or a little. The positioning of elements of the design can differ greatly, the buttons will normally be placed where they seem to go well, they are rarely in the same place. With a range of prices reflecting whether they are cotton/cotton, cotton/silk, cotton/brocade or cotton/silk/brocade. The prices wil range from 15 - 25. Hand crafted and designed to be authentic looking applying layers of Vintage traditional or geometric designs down on to a base of a complimentary vintage traditional material. If you are interested in a unique piece to put your custom nunchaku in, these are it. I will be scaling up production if these begin to sell, So come again as I will have some alternative themes/colourways/patterns designs soon. I may create an aternative page for thes as I wish to include pictures of the stock material and the material authenticity tags.

Custom Speedcord

Some of Our SPEEDCORD Nunchaku.

Get in contact if you have any questions.