Neo Sport Nunchaku Club

Traditional and Modern Nunchaku Tuition

A Few Words About NEO

30 years of study, training and teaching nunchaku. Achieving a Black belt in two styles. I train with other weapons, my focus for teaching is Nunchaku. We cover traditional techniques drawn from Fumio Demura Shihan, Arakawa Busen Shihan. Katas inspired by Masters Bruce Lee and McCormack Shihan, a Kata from Fumio Demura Shihan.

I teach modern two and one hand exercise techniques, Blocks, Locks, Strikes, Swings, Circles, Eights, Kata and other training techniques developed over the years. Freestyle, Sport nunchaku-do with a foundation in traditional styles.

What We Offer

Sport, Traditional and Freestyle Nunchaku.

Teaching a wide range of techniques, modern and traditional, but without frills, purely oriented towards combat. I am still a student of Nunchaku and we test new moves and create techniques. links below go to our main website.

Great Training Venue
St Johns Parish Hall is close to the centre of Kingston. Transport links are good. Lessons are every 2 weeks on a Sunday 6.30pm-8pm. First and second Sunday in a month. On a long months we do the last Sunday as well.


" I have known John Albury for nearly 20 years. Over this time he has shown true dedication to the art and has proven himself worthy of holding a Black Belt. In addition to his technical skills he has become a fine instructor in his own right, able to tailor his approach to each individual students needs. I would consider any student fortunate to have him as their instructor."

R Mc Cormack

8th Dan ZSBK

Private Nunchaku tuition. 4 week lesson plan. 60 minutes or 90 minutes. Plus 15 minutes QnA, 4 lessons. £15 or £20 a lesson x4.