Neo Sport Nunchaku Club

Traditional and Modern Nunchaku Tuition

During covid we have started online lessons through our facebook page here NEO Nunchaku and the nunchaku lessons group is here NEO ZOOM Lessons group this is a cheaper alternative by far to private lessons so check them out and join in soon.

If you are interested you can book a free trial lesson or book our 4 week lesson plan. To do this go here to our FaceBook groups page here. There is a Saturday lesson at 2pm for an hour and 15 minutes that can be joined, or choose a time slot for a free lesson. You can join the group and make contact a post questions there if you wish.

Private Nunchaku tuition. 4 week lesson plan. 60 minutes or 90 minutes. Plus 15 minutes QnA, 4 lessons. £15 or £20 a lesson x4.

Teaching freestyle nunchaku and Sport nunchaku-do with a foundation in traditional styles. We cover traditional techniques drawn from Fumio Demura Shihan, Arakawa Busen Shihan and others, Katas inspired by Masters Bruce Lee and McCormack Shihan and a Kata from Fumio Demura Shihan, NEO mordern two hand and one hand exercise techniques, Blocks, Locks, Strikes, Swings, Circles Eights. Sport Nunchaku-Do.

Shortly About Us

Teaching freestyle modern and traditional Nunchaku techniques
We endeavour to teach the many aspects of Nunchaku in manner that hopes to Gel these components into a fluid yet reactive freestyle. With a focus on techniques and the exercising of the basics to strengthen the whole. Focusing also on movement which can get neglected along with the left hand techniques if you are a right hander and vice a versa.